We are dedicated to raising tech talents in rural and urban areas by recruiting, training, and deploying world-class developers.

About Us

We are a team from diverse tech backgrounds, bloggers, infopreneurs, entrepreneurs etc. We believe technology have become a crucial part in our daily endeavours, which is envisioned to be a sharp way to securing/creating employment opportunities.

We also believe nothing grows in a land where you plant nothing, except weeds. And that's what brought us together to ignite our world with positive endeavours by raising tech talents in rural an urban areas.

Binapti Teen Can Code (BTCC)

In part of fulfilling our mission, we started BTCC as a means of introducing teenagers to computer programming. We believe when we catch them young, we would be contributing positively towards the reduction of unemployment rate.

We partner with schools and kid's club in order to make this possible.

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Binapti To Dha Dead End (BTDDE)

We also consider eliminating possible financial barrier by introducing BTDDE, a platform that will help you learn computer programming by taking a topic at a time and learning it to the dead end with little financial implication.

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Our first step to fulfilling our mission is the commencement of our meetup - a gathering of software/web developers, content developers, bloggers, infopreneurs and enterpreneurs in order to discuss technology and ways it can reduce the rate of unemployment. We host our meetups every first Saturday of the month. You want to know more about our meetup?

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Binapti Conference (BinaptiConf)

Binapti Conference is a platform designed to motivate and inspire anyone that have or aspiring to have one tech skills or the other to contribute to the growth and development of the community.

It is focused on diverse technologies and envisioned to be a catalyst for technological development of a community.

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